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The worst-case scenario happened…and we survived.

It’s been 21 months since I last posted…21. Months.

I really missed you guys (all 2 of you…jk), and this blog. There’s been no time, and what feels like backwards progress. But it wasn’t really backwards, it just seemed like it.

As of my last posting, my husband and I were expecting our first kid. We knew both of our jobs were ending, his around the due date, and mine 4 months later. Neither of us had any prospects or leads. We had about $7,500 in savings, and still $31,000 in total debt. It was scary, to put that mildly. We temporarily had to slow down the savings and debt repayment and stock up for baby, so it seemed like money was just vanishing. So what do you do in that situation?

Whatever you freaking can. And stay positive.

Our son was born in June 2014. I went back to work in August. My husband stayed home caring for him while he looked for a new job. My job ended October 10, 2014. I didn’t have a new one yet. Neither did hubs. Both unemployed, new kid, living in SF, only ~$8,000 in savings? Yeah, how long do you think that could last?

Miraculously, it didn’t have to last long at all. I got a surprise phone call one Wednesday afternoon from a scientist  desperate to find a replacement for herself so she could take a new job. I started my new job November 10, 2014 (the next Monday), only one month after I left my old one. Back at the same place, too. I was going to make the same amount I made as a postdoc, so that filled in a lot of gaps.

Hubs also qualified for (and I am not ashamed to say we took) unemployment benefits for a few months. With that we could minimize the savings bleed. Hubs continued to save us $$$ by being the stay-at-home parent.

In March, I was promoted and got a raise to the most I’ve ever made in my life (yay!) Hubs’ unemployment benefits ended then, and with the raise we could almost cover all expenses (thanks, savings account!). In July I officially took over my old boss’s role (BTW it is totally the dream job I had been searching for), and this November I silently celebrated 1 year in my job that I love.

Then yay! Hubs started a job he likes so far on December 1st. We got our kid into a very reasonably-priced family daycare close to home and he loves it.

It’s looking up. Our savings dropped by ~$6,500 but we didn’t have to rack up credit card debt, get help from parents, declare bankruptcy, move, or even miss a rent payment. We even managed to continue making payments on student loans and so our debt is lower than when this adventure began. With the new jobs we should be able to build our way back up to where we were before and even better…just in time to think about adding a sibling and start the whole thing over again…




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